BREWMENTED is an independently owned homebrew store that is proud to serve the homebrew industry. We are committed to our customers and enthusiastically support independently owned craft breweries. Independent homebrew stores and craft breweries work hard to maintain an environment that allows the small guy to have a chance to enter the market. Independent homebrew stores and craft breweries are also the ones who really push the envelope in innovation of taste and variety and keep the beer industry moving forward.


With that said, it is important to note some changes that have taken place over the last several years not only in the Craft Beer industry but also in Homebrew. Big beer companies (the mass producers of beer) are buying out some of the independent craft breweries. The labels remain the same but the control and money is now in the hands of these Big Beer companies. Unfortunately, the Homebrew industry is now finding themselves in the same situation. Just last year, two of the largest homebrew suppliers in the USA were acquired by a Big Beer company.


Although we have big plans for growth, my business partner, Vlad, and I are committed to keeping BREWMENTED independent and will be guided by our staunch support of the independent homebrew and craft beer industries. 


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