Wedding Beer

So you’ve decided to hold your wedding in beautiful Colorado. Add a unique experience for yourself and your guests by combining the wedding with the other great part of Colorado, your own specially-brewed and private-labelled beer!

Working with the professional brewers at Brewmented, Longmont’s unique homebrew store, brewery and taproom, you first design your own unique beer, from selection of style all the way to grain, yeast and hop selection.

After design and approximately 6 weeks before the wedding, the wedding party (up to 12 people) will then brew the beer using Brewmented’s professional brewing equipment, with support from the brewers at Brewmented. After brewing, we’ll take the beer the rest of the way through kegging or bottling. For those who choose the bottling option, Brewmented will label the beers with your own specially-designed labelling.

This unique offering can be used for the Bride and Groom and their selected friends and family, a bachelor or bachelorette brew day, or just a chance for the guests and friends to brew something special for the wedding. Additional options are available, so please call us at 720.699.0211 or send an email to for more information.

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