Double IPA, 5 Gallon Beer Kit


Not for the faint of taste buds! A new American classic, brewed with 7 ounces of hops, hops, and more hops, and then balanced with a heavy dose of malt. Massive floral aroma and flavor, with serious bitterness.


    Specialty Grain, Crushed
  • 6 oz Crisp Crystal 60L Malt
  • 2 × 3.3 lb cans Light Liquid Malt Extract
  • 2 × 1 lb bags Extra Light Dry Malt Extract
    Hops & Flavorings
  • 2 oz Centennial Hop Pellets
  • 1 oz Willamette Hop Pellets
  • 2 oz Amarillo® Hop Pellets
  • 2 oz Cascade Hop Pellets
  • 11.5 g Fermentis SafAle US-05
  • 5 oz Priming Sugar
  • Muslin Bag
  • Instruction Sheet


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