Great Western Malting US Caramel Wheat, Per Pound & Per Ounce


Manufactured from green malt in small batches of 28-40 Metric Tonnes. The green malt is well modified but not over modified. The charge of green malt is fed into a rotating metal roasting cylinder, which is heated so that the temperature of the green malt is about 55 - 65°C (140-  160 F). Water is then removed from the grain and the product temperature raised to 120° - 160° C (270-350F). By varying the time and temperature of the various stages a different color range is produced. 

Used to give color and flavor in beer. Crystal malts have a distinctive toffee flavor, which becomes more intense as color is increased, and at the higher end of the color range burnt or roasted malt flavors may begin to appear. Typically used at about 5% of the grist to give characteristic color and flavor

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