Patagonia Perla Negra De-Husked Malt, Per Pound & Per Ounce


Patagonia Perla Negra 340L, or "Black Pearl 340L", is a Chilean, de-husked roasted malt that is lighter in color than most chocolate or black malts. 

Through a specialized process, the husk is completely removed and the grain gently toasted to develop flavors and aromas with less bitterness and astringency.  It features a Low roast taste with mild bitterness with mellow chocolate notes mixed with coffee and nuts. Free from intense acrid flavor, phenolic, bitterness and astringency typical of toasted barley, this is a very unique specialty malt that has huge potential.

Perfect for any dark beers, but especially Stouts, Porters, Black IPA’s, and even Bocks and Oktoberfest Märzen style beers. Lovibond: 340. 



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